Diamonds garland

Diamonds garland

Now we see how to make a wonderful diamods garland by a simple shape of a diamond! (with the same shape we can do also a nice homemade greeting card!.. )
ghirlanda di diamanti

How you can see on the website (from which I took the image) isn’t hard !
you just need to print the diamond _ cut the diamond end add glitter on the lines or inside the diamond! you can choose what to use.. (schotch tape with glitter.. glitter glue…glitter + glue )

And what about the shape of diamond? You can take these that you find here !
(or you can look for others :-p )
Before I show you a preview and after you find the pdf file (I suggest you to download the pdf version!)

the first diamond
Ghirlanda di diamanti

and here on PDF version:

The second diamond
ghirlanda di diamanti
and here on PDF version

The third diamond
ghirlanda di diamanti
and here on PDF version

and here the fourth diamond
ghirlanda di diamanti
and here you can take it on pdf version:

with these diamonds you can do what you want.. you can build a wonderful Diamonds garland (it’s ok just with 4-5 diamonds) to decorate a corner of the house/restaurant ..
You can also use the diamond like a greeting card *.*

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