Bachelorette party taboo game! Free download

Bachelorette party taboo game !

This is a really cute taboo version! This game can also be used for the Bridal shower or the weddingl!!
Taboo is a simple game.. I’m sure you know it very well..

Here you can download for free 12 cards of this cute game!You’ll have 3 PDFs.

Each PDF file is A4 paper size 210x297mm. You just have to print and cut your new cards!

The objective of the game is really simple:

You have to explain a word to someone who have to guess that word (with the help of your explanation..) but the explanation can’t contain some specific words:The TABOO words!

Think fast, talk fast and don’t say a taboo word or you”ll get stopped and lose a point!
Let’s see one card of my “Bachelorette party taboo game ” :
Bachelorette party taboo game

The first word is the special one, you have to illustrate that magic word without using the other words written underneath (the TABOO words!)
You can take all the cards here:




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